About Us

About Us

We are a husband and wife team both born and bred in Clondalkin in Dublin, Ireland. Between us we have over 50 years experience in leadership and management roles in commercial environments and Caitriona is a successful business owner since 2006. We have been together for 30 years and are parents to two amazing girls, Aoibhinn and Soirse.  

A big challenge for us came with the birth of our first daughter. Aoibhinn, who is now fourteen, was born with a rare metabolic disorder, resulting in her having global developmental delay, blindness, severe epilepsy and other complex needs.  

As new parents nothing could prepare us for what laid ahead. We went straight into battle mode to keep Aoibhinn alive and then to give her the best quality of life possible. It was an absolute struggle on so many fronts. Over time, the constant battle was taking its toll on us. We were exhausted and starting to burnout and this was looking like our default future.

Within the chaos we had always tried to look after our health and wellbeing but we realised we were looking in the wrong direction. We had to find another way. The key for us was self awareness. 

We set out on an adventure to get behind our thoughts and feelings and to understand where our focus and energy was going. This led us down a fascinating path of new science, new experiences, new understanding and new tools. Our situation had not changed but we began changing the way we looked at it. We started to re-write our story.

Our new story is about understanding how to enjoy our experience of life and work from the inside out.

Now, we are sharing our experience and our toolkit to support others to grow and move forward so that personal and professional life is enriched with greater vitality, presence, ease and flow.

We are the Flow Team

About Simon

Simon is a neuro-performance coach and personal performance trainer specialising in physical activity and nutrition.

He spent 25 years in FMCG, managing and leading teams and divisions at senior level. He has a deep understanding of the skills and behaviours that enable and drive performance and success within large and multinational organisations.

His transition to his new career was driven by his own passion and interest in mental and physical fitness and his love of people and a fascination in what makes us do what we do.

He is a fully Accredited Coach with WACN (World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience) and a Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

He is fully Accredited Personal Performance Trainer with EHFA (European Health & Fitness Association) and Reps Ireland.

He is also a fully qualified husband and dad of 2 beautiful girls, son, brother, friend, home runner, community person and business owner with his wife.

About Caitriona

Caitriona has been practicing yoga and all things movement for over 25 years.

Following her first yoga training with Yoga Therapy Ireland, Caitriona took a life changing step in 2006 when she left her corporate career of over ten years in marketing management and began teaching yoga full time.

Caitriona has found having a daily meditation  practice to be life changing, giving her access to deeply held inner resources, resilience, calmness and vitality.

Her appetite to continuously learn more about our amazing bodies has led her to constantly enrich her knowledge, training with World leaders in the field Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Somatic Movement, Embodiment, Meditation and Sound Healing. Now with a huge repertoire of training to draw from, Caitriona’s sole desire is to support and serve others through sharing her knowledge and enabling her students on their own journey of self-discovery.

Caitriona brings her personal heart centered, authenticity and warmth to all that she does.

Qualifications & Trainings

YACEP – Qualified Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider

500hr Yoga Alliance RYS Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Therapy Ireland (2004-2006)

Embodied Flow TM  Inspired Teacher – 200 hr (2011-2022)

Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Certification with davidji  (285 hr) 2020

Sound Healing Diploma – Advanced Practitioner Level - Celtic School of Sound Healing (2018-2022)

Yoga Therapy Diploma 300 hr (2013)

Somatic Exercise Coach with Living Yoga (70hr) (2015)

Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (60 hr) Total Yoga Nidra Network

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training (30 hr) Yoga for Human kind

Gong Master Training - Celtic School of Sound Healing

Pregnancy Yoga teacher Training (Yoga Therapy Ireland 2008)

Yoga for Amputees Training (2014)

Mum and Baby Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Therapy Ireland 2008 & 2016)

Embodied Flow TM Immersion - 100hr (2015-2019)

Other trainings:

Yoga for Cancer Care, Chair Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Living Yoga Advanced Teacher training modules, Shiva Sutras Philosophy Course.

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