Personal Training

Personal Training

We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with messages about health and fitness. Being comfortable in our minds and bodies is under sustained pressure.

Not knowing where to start, confidence or lacklustre results from what your doing can often feed frustration. 

The Flow Team personal training programs are built for your body, your schedule and your personal goals.

What is it?

Our personal training takes a wholesystem approach to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. 

We specialise in strength and aerobic energy training, mobility, accountability partnering and fun.

Everyone of us is unique, We have unique goals, unique abilities and unique habits. We celebrate this uniqueness with our fully customised programs.

“The mind and body are intimately connected. Taking care of one is essential for taking care of the other”.

– Andrew Hubberman

How it's delivered

We offer a range of programs suitable for everyone from beginners to pros, from teens to seniors. Our goal is to support you to reach your goal.  

We deliver private and semi-private one to one coaching sessions depending on your needs.

Packages available starting at €200 per month

What you walk away with 

Full assessment
Personal fitness and nutritional goals
Individualised Training program
Personal training and coaching
Accountability partner

Book a Free Discovery Call

Get in touch below to see if personal training with Simon is the right fit for you


Simon has brought me to a different level when it comes to fitness. I am a runner and cyclist since the age of 35. This time three years ago I decided I was going to do an Ironman which i achieved in July 2022. My training consisted of biking, swimming and running for 2 years and that did get me through on the day. Since I finished the biggest physical challenge of my life I’ve had time to think about what I want. With an assessment on the very first day of the program with Simon we figured out that I want to be strong and have muscle on my body as I get older. I’ve worked with Simon for six months now, my body shape has changed and my strength has doubled, I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve never been stronger. I am now a better triathlete because of this also. Simon cares about getting results and this is why his program has worked for me”- Gerry


I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Simon. Coming from an athletic background it was great to branch out and learn a new skill while having lots of fun doing it. I had no prior experience in skipping but by the end Simon made me feel like a pro. My flexibility, strength and agility improved immensely which really helped my basketball game. Simon has an infectious positive attitude which was a big factor in enhancing my mindset. I would highly recommend his service.


Simon got me on road with my strength training. I was doing a lot of running and cycling and I was really keen to start working on some strength and conditioning work. I also felt it would help with some niggly injuries. I had been dabbling at home with some weights and going online. All in all I didn't know were to begin. From the start Simon really listened to me and to what what my goals were. I loved the way he focused on what was right for me and my body. I now feel fitter and stronger than ever and injury free. For anyone starting out with strength and conditioning training I would highly recommend him.

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