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Trusting and having faith in ourselves is not our natural state of being. We are not hardwired for happiness and success. We have to work at it. This is how our brains are, naturally.

The world today is not making it any easier for us. It doesn’t feel like it is being designed with our comfort and wellbeing in mind. 

The Flow Team coaching creates a compassionate strengths focused space to invite in fresh perspective on your inner resourcefulness and map of potential.

What is it?

The Flow team coaching is whole systems coaching with neuroscience.

Whole System coaching allows you to live more fully in a deeper relationship with all aspects of your life by raising awareness around how you are managing yourself, managing others and managing your environment.

It offers a unique way to listen, explore, discover, make choices, learn and be in action.

The Flow Team coaching is all about supporting you to grow and move forward with energy and certainty in these uncertain times.

"Coaching is about creating an environment for people to grow, to flourish, and to get the best out of themselves." 

– Simon Sinek

How we can work together

Free 30 min Discovery Call via Zoom

4-6 x One hour sessions package via zoom or in person in Dublin.

Cost per session €150

Packages available

What you walk away with 

Enhancing whole system awareness
Fresh perspectives and new insights
Emotional intelligence upskilling
Clarity and visioning your success
Strategies and goals defined to suit your needs and wants
Managing your personal power
Trusted Supportive Partner

Book a Free Discovery Call

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I had the good fortune to have Simon as a coach. Working on a particular agenda over a time-limited period, Simon helped me clarify both the requirements and specific tasks to deliver the needed results. Simon’s enthusiastic and optimistic approach was at all times encouraging and supportive in helping me achieve my agenda and by re-enforcing the benefits to me at all times, he ensured I was focused on the positive outcomes I desired” 


In one session alone Simon guided me on a journey to shift a story that was holding me back in an area of my professional life. I was in a place where I was focused on my self-doubt and couldn't see the impact of my work. He guided me on a journey uncovering the ripple effect of my actions and shifted the focus from being all about me to how this impacted those I was working with. I left the session feeling energised and committed to my plan of action, something which I hadn't felt in a while. And I truly benefited from the ripple effect of this. Simon brings a genuine curiosity to his coaching sessions. He cares and wants to get to the root of what was getting in the way. Through considered and powerful questioning he helped me discover answers within as well as a new way of thinking about the challenge I was facing. It truly was eye-opening and really helped me get out of my head in regard to where I was at. Simon brings a mix of genuine care, trust, and a great sense of humor to the coaching experience and I highly recommend working with him"


"Simon has a unique approach to shift where you are and take you to real places of change you never imagined. It is a rare, attentive human trait in these busy somewhat turbulent times. I am immensely grateful for his many instances of coaching along life's journey towards what's important for me" 


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