Performance Coaching

The workplace is unrecognisable and is still reverberating with change. Effective organisational performance requires the skills and mindset for a workplace growing in complexity, intensity and challenge.

Navigating this shift has brought the essential human quality of ‘being’ into sharp focus. How we are ‘being’ as leaders, as teams and as people has become very important.

The Flow Team's whole system approach to coaching links this essense of personal development to role skill requirements and business needs.

What is it?

The Flow Team coaching is strengths focused performance coaching anchored in with co activity, positive psychology and neuroscience.  

The Flow Team coaching brings together behaviours, techniques and methods that we know make a difference to organisational performance, development and results.

The Flow team is about supporting your leaders, teams and people to grow and move forward in an increasingly complex and chaotic business landscape.

How is it delivered?

The Flow Team performance coaching is facilitated through one to one and group coaching.

4-6 x One hour sessions package via zoom or in person in Dublin.
All coaching packages designed and tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation.

What your business walks away with 

Developing talent
Upskilling for new normal
Overcoming performance challenges
Resilience tool kitting
Awakening executive brain centre for creativity and innovation
Supporting wellbeing in a meaningful way
Evoking transformative change linked to neuroplasticity

What your with leaders, teams and people walk away with

Meaningful organisational support
Whole system wellbeing check in
Resourcefulness recharge
Strengths booster
Upskilling to support performance, development and career
Training and conditioning for results
Mindset refresh


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