Team Away Days

Team Away Days

We are now living in an age of information overload and mass distraction.

This “noise” from our environment is becoming overwhelming. Social media marketing and constant connectivity is getting in the way of our focus and self-control.

The Flow Team away days are “noise” circuit breakers that support awakening our mind body connection so that we feel refreshed and more in charge.

What is it?

Our Team Away Days support a complete mind body reset and introduce the game changing new science of Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR).

This fully experiential day, grounded in physiology and neuroscience, offers fresh perspectives, logic and new tools that resource navigating our new normal.

Through the experience of relaxation and breath-work practices, sound therapy and neurocoaching, our retreat days are re-charging stations for your leaders, teams and people. 

"We will be more successful in all our endeavours if we can let go of the habit of running all the time, and take little pauses to relax and re-centre ourselves"    
Thich Nhat Hanh

How is it delivered?

Full team away day in a beautiful location for between 16-24 participants.

Packages of 3, 5 or 8 days are available to serve your organisational requirements. 

In support REST WELL online experience program and access to the Flow Hub Portal

Packages available for €280/person per day. Minimum number of participants required. 

Plus access to

What your leaders, teams and people walk away with 

A "Noise" circuit breaker
Introduction to game changing Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)
Powerful team away day and social connection
Deep relaxation experience
Mind Body reset  
 Real time state regulation tools
Energy Boosting Practices
The Flow Team Support partnership and community

What your business walks away with

Pattern interrupter
Shared team experience
Empowering inner resourcefulness
New normal upskilling
Igniting performative mindset
The FlowTeam support partnership


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Introduction to Non-Sleep Deep rest (NSDR) Yoga Nidra

Non-Sleep Deep Rest is a term coined by Stanford University Neuroscientist Dr Andrew Huberman and refers to a deep relaxation practice also known as Yoga Nidra. It promotes deep healing and profound rest at every level of being: physical, mental, and emotional. What makes Yoga Nidra/NSDR so accessible is that as little as a 10-15 minute practice, which is done by simply listening to a guided relaxation script, has been shown to restore cognitive function and reset energy levels similar to a nap but it has the additional benefit of also teaching you to self-direct your own relaxation. That in turn, can help you fall asleep more quickly at night, and fall back asleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.  

Yoga Nidra/NSDR is usually done lying down or sitting down and does not involve any physical movement.  Yoga Nidra/ NSDR can be introduced to your working day but taking 10-12 minutes to plug in and listen to a guided script.  This is a powerful practice similar to taking a nap and leaves more rested and refreshed, ready for the rest of your day.  

Benefits of NSDR yoga nidra:

  1. Helps with learning
  2. Enhances rates of neuroplasticity
  3. Relieves stress and anxiety
  4. Improves cognitive function
  5. Improves sleep quality and can alleviate insomnia
  6. Enhances focus and mental clarity
  7. Pain management


Breathwork is the active form of consciously working your breath to bypass the mind and enter a different state of awareness. The practice gives the brain's executive functioning something to focus on, breathwork allows us to disconnect from the mind and reconnect with our body and energy. From this elevated state of awareness, we are able to heal, grow, and expand.

There are many types of breathwork techniques, and each form has a unique purpose and creates different results. Simple breathwork techniques help to reduce stress, increase focus and create greater self awareness.  

Embodied & Somatic Movement

Embodied practices connect mind and body through movement and awareness. It strengthens your connection with yourself, making you more attuned, gently allowing you to feel, experience in the moment. This is a somatic practice, which means ‘of the body’. To practice in an embodied way, you ‘feel’ the movements and bodily sensations, rather than following instructions on how to move and achieve set poses. This is also known as “Interoception”, a new sense we all have, and a growing field in the World of neuroscience. Developing our Interoceptive abilities plays a very important role in our well-being.

Somatic movement is an form of movement practice that is designed to balance and realign the neuromuscular system of the body, decrease muscle tension, restore functional, graceful movement, and improve posture.

The Somatic exercises are slow, mindful movements mostly done lying down on the floor. In a Somatic class, you will learn a series of self-care movements to release tight muscles throughout the body. The overall goal is to become more aware of habitual muscle tensions in order to release them.  A regular practice of somatic movement gives the practitioner agency over their own controlled movements in their body, releasing deeply help patterns and injuries, resulting in a felt sense of ease, joy and liberation from within.  Somatic movement is safe, gentle and accessible to everyone, offering them freedom and ease in their soma or body.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy uses different instruments and tones that vibrate at particular frequencies which allow the body to enter a state of deep relaxation that gently brings the body back to its natural state of balance.

A Sound Therapy treatment or Sound-Bath is carried out using sounds healing instruments while lying down or comfortably seated. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the soothing vibrations, which will help you to release stress, anxiety, and tension. Sound Therapy can be experienced as an immersive group Sound-Bath or as a one to one treatment.

Flow Hub Portal

The Flow Team is about building and supporting a  community of people who want to grow together. The Flow Team FLOW HUB is an integral part of what we offer.  It is a support system and resource centre allowing you to take what you have experienced together on our retreat days and embodied wellbeing programs and bring it into your daily life. The Flow Hub supports learning, taking action and growing in a meaningful way.

The FLOW HUB is an online portal where you can join our community events and have exclusive access to

  1.  Breathwork Breaks
  2. Non Sleep Deep Rest/ Yoga Nidra
  3. Somatic and Embodied Movement practices
  4. Sound-Bath Sound Therapy
  5. Neurocoaching sessions
  6. Plus additional support material and content

    Allowing you to stay inspired and engaged, bringing more Flow into all areas of your personal and professional life. 

30 Day REST WELL Experience

Our 28 Day Non Sleep Deep Rest Experience is a transformative program that establishes a daily practice of Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) Yoga Nidra. You will be given a weekly practice recording to listen to for 7 days, each week we share a new recorded practice. This is available through our Flow Hub Membership portal.  You simply log in, plug in and enjoy.  This can be done any time of the day, or repeated as often as you wish.   

This 28 NSDR Experience is designed to repattern our behaviour and neural pathways, resting your whole body and resetting your energy and cognitive function as well as teaching you to self-direct your own relaxation.  

Every week during our four week journey, you will also be invited to join a Live community Yoga Nidra online (via Zoom) where we connect and practice together.  

Stress Reduction Toolkit

Throughout our Reset Retreat day we will share with you practical tools and exercises to allow you to master stress reduction in real time, this will include breath-work and embodied awareness practices, nervous system hacks and relaxation techniques. 

Introduction to New Science of Boundaries

The benefits of having healthy boundaries are very powerful on so many levels. A healthy boundary is like an energy field that protects our body, mind and spirit and keeps us balanced and well but with everything going on in our new normal it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our workshop is a real introduction into the importance of boundaries in our personal and professional lives. We also take a practical look at setting healthy boundaries and offer techniques and tips to support you to keep your boundaries strong into the future. 

Nervous System Workshop

This powerful workshop is a fantastic introduction to our Nervous System, giving us new understanding of our brain body connection and our body’s stress responses to events in our everyday life.  We gain insight into the two sides of our Autonomic Nervous System and discover practices to both modulate and regulate these,  allowing us to navigate life with more self control, clarity and ease. 

Team Away Day

Research is showing that teams involved in corporate retreat days not only report greater compatibility and comradeship but also greatly improved and easier communication, as well as post retreat improved productivity.  

Our Reset Retreat days are an interesting and diverse way to bring team members of your organization together.

These fully experiential days, grounded in physiology and neuroscience, offer fresh perspectives, logic and new tools that resource navigating our new normal.

Through the experience of somatic and embodied movement, relaxation and breath-work practices, sound therapy and neurocoaching, our retreat days are re-charging stations for your leaders, teams and people. 

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