It's time for a new pattern

Despite all the progress we have made, states of fatigue, stress and restlessness are becoming our default settings. The “big shift” in our world has not helped. Demands on our focus, energy and attention are being challenged like never before.

The Flow Team inspires others to understand how to enjoy a fuller experience of work and life through creating fresh perspectives around how we rest, how we breath, how we move, how we feel and how we perform in our various roles in life, so that life has more flow.

The Flow Team is a re-charging station for business and individuals to re-discover, re-ignite and re-pattern our whole-system through the mind body connection.

This is experienced through our pioneering programs, retreats and events that ignite the mind body connection through somatic and embodied movement, whole system relaxation, breath-work, and the latest applications of the neuroscience of human behaviour.

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Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

Our Story

Hi, it's Simon and Caitriona here.


We are a husband-and-wife team who out of extremely challenging family circumstances leading to exhaustion, unresolved trauma and an uncompelling default future, came to that “is this all there is?” moment in life.


From there, we set out on an adventure to understand what was going on for us and how to reclaim our experience.

Through uncovering fresh perspectives around our unconscious conditioning and habitual patterns, getting clear on what was important to us and discovering new tools and skills we re-resourced ourselves to create the life we wanted.

We now inspire others to understand that they have the power to do the same. We are the Flow Team.