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 Here are some of the after care recommendations following the sound-bath experience.

Some things to consider are:

• Journaling your experience - another great way to ground the session

• Exercise and take fresh air into your lungs

• Walks in nature are excellent

• Pay attention to your diet and aim to eat wholesome nourishing foods

• Relax and avoid stressful situations

• Rest as much as possible to allow the energy to integrate

• Avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours

• Drink lots of water over the next few days to aid your body in releasing toxins

• It is uncommon but it can happen, that while your body is releasing blockages and stagnant energy which needs to be released, you may feel worse after a healing session. This can occur on an emotional level also. Be aware that changes in mood may be part of the energy release you need. This usually gets better quite quickly, within 2-3 days at most

• More usually you will feel more relaxed, energised and will have a better sense of well being after your healing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

• Sound baths aren’t a replacement for medication or therapy with a licensed mental health provider when treating severe anxiety or depression.

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