Unlocking the Power of Rest: A Journey with the Flow Team

“Unlocking the Power of Rest: A Journey with the Flow Team” by Caitríona Leavey, The Flow Team

In a world that often glorifies a lack of sleep as a badge of honour, my husband Simon and I, founders of the Flow Team, share a poignant story that reshapes our perspective on rest and overall health. Our journey with our daughter Aoibhinn, born with a rare metabolic disorder, led us to discover the profound impact of sleep and rest. In this blog, we delve into our story, explore the latest science and unveil a powerful tool that supports restful living.

The Sleep Crisis in Modern Society

The sleep crisis in our society is a pressing concern driven by factors such as demanding work schedules, constant technological stimuli and societal pressures. This has led to widespread sleep deprivation, adversely impacting physical and mental health. Stress, irregular sleep patterns and the 24/7 nature of modern life contribute to the problem. The consequences include increased risks of chronic diseases, cognitive impairment, and public safety issues. So what can we do to combat this growing threat to our health?

Introducing the Rest Well Tool – Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)

In our quest for improved sleep, we discovered a groundbreaking tool—Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR). At The Flow Team, we call this the Rest Well Tool . This 10-15 minute guided relaxation technique offers a brain wave activity similar to a sleep cycle, enhancing the process of falling asleep and improving sleep quality. This ancient tool also known as Yoga Nidra, a passive deep relaxation practice boasts a range of benefits, from stress reduction to enhanced focus and memory retention.

Our Journey with NSDR

Our daughter Aoibhinn, now fifteen, was born with a rare metabolic disorder, with global developmental delay, severe epilepsy and a range of complex needs. Her love for lively moments, particularly in the middle of the night, stemmed from a chronic sleep disorder linked to her epilepsy, leading to frequent and prolonged night time awakenings.

Much like many others, our approach was to power through it. Life waits for no one and we had jobs, another daughter, a household to manage, and a barrage of hospital appointments—a typical frantic life of special needs parents. Strangely, a lack of sleep and rest became a peculiar badge of honour for us. However as time went on and burnout became our everyday lived reality we began to realise the trajectory we were on. We needed to interrupt this default future and find a radical way to navigate through the exhaustion.

During this time, I was teaching wellbeing classes for new Moms and their babies, introducing them to an ancient practice called Yoga Nidra. Unlike traditional yoga involving movement, Yoga Nidra is performed lying passively, guided by the teacher through a progressive deep relaxation. My Mommies were sharing remarkable benefits from this 10-minute practice. This led me to undertake additional study in this technology. After extensive training with particular focus on Neuroplasticity plus our own personal experience, we began incorporating it into our daily lives as a means to support ourselves through the challenges of exhaustion. Over time we began to notice a shift, our energy was improving, feelings of depletion were being replaced with vitality and for the first time we actually felt a state of being rested and alert. Around the same time a distinguished neuroscientist at Stanford School of Medicine, Dr. Andrew Huberman was carrying out research on this same technique. Renaming this practice Non Sleep Deep Rest NSDR, his research reveals that NSDR boosts memory retention, amplifies neuroplasticity, alleviates stress, enhances cognitive function and sharpens focus. The tool’s versatility allows users to incorporate it into their daily routines, providing a scientifically proven pathway to deep relaxation. You can hear Dr. Andrew Huberman talk about NSDR here.

For Simon and I, incorporating the easy everyday practice of the NSDR Rest Well Tool has transformed our lives. It shifted us from a constant state of burnout and exhaustion to experiencing a profound sense of being deeply rested. From this rested foundation, a new energy has emerged—a feeling of flow and enthusiasm for life that we hadn’t thought possible before. It’s true to say that our business The Flow Team would most likely not exist if it wasn’t for this daily power tool.

By incorporating the Rest Well Tool (NSDR) and understanding the science behind these practices, you are invited to embark on a simple yet transformative journey towards a more alert and vibrant life.

As part of our mission to share this life enhancing Rest Well tool with as many people as possible, we have recorded a very special 10 minute NSDR for you to enjoy right now.

Join us, the Flow Team, and start your journey to optimal well-being today!

The Flow Team shares the power of NSDR and the RestWell Tool with organisations through their fun, engaging and impactful 90 minute workplace RESTWELL workshop plus weekly online NSDR sessions for individuals.

For more details, register your interest in our workshops/ session here.

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