The Flow Team SDGs Blog Post

The Flow Team’s Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development: A Deep Dive into Our SDG Policy”

At The Flow Team, we don’t just talk about well-being and sustainability – we live it. Our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is embedded in every facet of our business. From promoting good health and well-being to fostering gender equality, reducing inequalities, and contributing to environmental sustainability, our SDG policy is a roadmap for a better future. Join us as we take a closer look at how we integrate these goals into our daily operations and community engagement.

Good Health & Wellbeing | SDG #3:

As a business rooted in promoting good health and wellbeing, our programs extend beyond the conventional fitness approach. We believe in the power of nature immersion, mindfulness, and a holistic approach to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our commitment to providing a toolkit for the new normal reflects our dedication to supporting resilience in an ever-changing environment.

Quality Education | SDG #4:

Education is the cornerstone of our journey, emphasizing capacity development and upskilling. Our team, accredited in performance coaching, neuroscience, and breathwork facilitation, works with corporates to foster continual professional development. Through CPD programs and volunteering for youth leadership initiatives, we invest in the leaders of tomorrow.

Gender Equality | SDG #5:

Trauma-Informed Yoga training and a comprehensive DEI policy underscore our commitment to diversity, gender equality, and social inclusion. We proudly serve as ambassadors for Peachy Lean, promoting women’s empowerment and positivity.

Reduced Inequalities | SDG #10:

Our commitment to accessible and inclusive yoga extends to offering bursary places, fundraising for the less fortunate, and contributing 5% of our profit and time to support people in poverty. Inclusivity and community support are not just buzzwords for us; they are part of our core values.

Decent Work and Economic Growth | SDG #8:

As a community-based business, we’ve grown sustainably over 20 years, prioritizing staff wellbeing and offering services that contribute to corporate KPIs for employee health. We believe in fostering economic growth that encourages diversity, innovation, and positive systemic change.

Partnerships for the Goals | SDG #17:

Expanding our business means expanding our impact. We seek strategic partnerships to help businesses achieve their sustainable development goals, creating a powerful ripple effect across the community. Social responsibility is at the heart of our mission, driving us to work with organizations lacking resources for good health and wellbeing.

Clean Energy | SDG #7:

Our commitment to clean energy is not just a declaration; it’s a practice. Solar panels, mindful energy use, and a future switch to electric vehicles showcase our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint.

Life below Water | SDG #14:

As sea swimmers, we actively participate in campaigns like “Save our Sea” and contribute to beach clean-ups, emphasizing our commitment to preserving and caring for life below water.


The Flow Team’s SDG policy is not just a document; it’s a way of life. We invite you to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and holistic future, where well-being, equality, and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Together, we can create a positive impact that resonates far beyond the walls of our business.